Mermaid Love - Pink


With a blink of an eye, your little ones have grown so much, and you must be thinking where did all the time go? Tho they are no longer the tiny little babies in your palm, they will forever be mommy & daddy's baby love. 

So if your little ones have grown up with our baby mermaid series, it must be time for them to bundle up into some brand new scales, our Mermaid Love. Your little ones can now continue to live in their mermaid wonderland, and play twinnings with you mommies too! Psst psst mommies... Don't forget to grab yourself an adult size mermaid blanket - Mermaid Dreams or Mermaid Muse to match your baby love! 

Suitable for kids up to 12 years old. 140 CM Length x 70 CM Width.