Q: Can I get it gift wrapped?
A: At love, bubsie we personally love reusable packaging! So we have come up with gift wrapping that we hope will serve this dual purpose - all our Babies collection comes to you lovingly in a fabric draw-string bag; and our Mermaids collection floats to you dreamily in a fabric tote bag. 

Q: Which country do you ship to?
A: We only ship within Malaysia for now.

Q: How do I make the payment?
A: Bank Transfer to the following bank account. 
Beneficiary Details: CIMB Bank
Beneficiary Account Name: LOVE BUBSIE ENTERPRISE
Beneficiary Account Number: 800 750 9287

Q: What courier service are you using and what are the charges like?
A: We are using PosLaju & we offer FREE SHIPPING for all local orders (Malaysia)!
Q: How do I add or change the item(s) or shipping details in my order after payment is made?
A: We are so sorry, unfortunately no changes can be made after payment as we have processed & shipped out your goodies.
Q: When will my orders be shipped?
A: All orders with successful payment will receive an Order Confirmation. We will then process the order & ship out your goodies next day.

Q: What is my tracking number?
A: We will provide you your unique tracking number in the Shipping Confirmation after goodies have been shipped out. You can then track your goodies with the given tracking link.
Q: When will I receive my goodies?
A: You will receive your goodies within 3 working days.
Q: Can I exchange or return my goodies?
A: We are so sorry, unfortunately we do not accept exchanges or returns. All sales made are final. Thank you for your understanding.
Q: How do I wash the goodies?
A: Wash them gently in cold water and lay them flat to dry. Please DO NOT put them in washing machine or a dryer. They are very fragile and machines will only make them ugly.
Q: I have some questions, how do I contact you?
A: You may send in your queries via the Contact page.